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Winter 2012

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Peppy Kids Club fires branch chair - union moves into action


Osaka University to introduce 5 year limit for PT teachers. Others to follow?

Labour contract law amendments・労働契約法改正

Working in an elementary, junior, or senior high school?

ECC teachers demand job security, pay rises

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Peppy Kids Club fires branch chair - union moves into action
After eight years of service, the chair of our newly formed union branch at Peppy English Kids Club has been fired for union activity. The company will claim it is a simple case of “contract non-renewal” for poor performance amongst other things, but after eight years and eight consecutive contracts, the union strongly believes it is an illegal firing under Japanese Trade Union Law. 

However, the firing has not had the intended effect. Even more teachers at the company have joined the union out of disgust with the actions of management in dismissing the branch chair.
Story continues




Osaka University to introduce 5 year limit for PT teachers. Others to follow?
The General Union, along with other trade unions and individual teachers has been informed by Osaka University that it intends to amend its working rules from next April to include a five year limit for its part-time teachers. Ironically, the reason given by the university for introducing the limit is the passage through the Diet in August of this year of a law aimed at increasing security of employment of workers on limited term contracts.  Story continues

Labour Contract Law amendments ・労働契約法改正
The Labour Contract Law has been revised to deal with the expanded use of contract workers in Japanese society. Very basically, the change stipulates that after five years work, your employer has an obligation to make you permanent if you ask. We’re worried that it will be used to get rid of workers before they have a chance to work five years. Story continues



Working in an elementary, junior or senior high school?
For many years the General Union has had members at Elementary, Junior High and High Schools. More recently, the situation has become dire with a large number of consultations from private schools in particular. The falling number of school age students has led to a savage competition between schools, in particular private schools. School administrations have attempted to compete by-and-large by asking for longer hours and more commitment from teachers, while at the same time often worsening pay and conditions. Story continues

ECC teachers demand job security, pay rises
While Peppy Kids Club doesn’t have the national profile of some other players in the language industry, they have been on the union’s radar for quite a few years. They are an expanding chain with over 400 native English-speaking teachers and more than 1600 Japanese teachers. They have classrooms all across Japan and almost 100,000 students. Story continues...


Today in the union office.
Newsletters, e-news and web articles are all ways to communicate with members and non-members. Often though, they don't really give a feel for what is really happening. And it isn't unusual for information to be out of date by the time you read it. So we are looking at ways at how to give you a fairly instantaneous look at what is happening in the union ofice.
We have begun a regularly video blog called "Today in the office". You'll get to meet the people working and volunteering in the office. You'll see events as they unfold, and you'll even hear the joys and frustrations of being a union worker.
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